Preventative Maintenance Programs

Energy Savings Plan

Level 1

Residential Pricing

$15 / Month per system

Commercial Pricing

$70 / Ton per year

Our preventative maintenance program is designed to provide the customer with an ongoing, troche maintenance program for the lifetime of the contract. Preventative maintenance will be initiated, pills monitored, price scheduled, and performed, by the Austin Green Team.

All service activities are recommended by equipment manufacturers based on location, application, type, run time, and our own experience. The customer will be informed of the program’s progress and results on a continuing basis via a detailed service report, presented after each service call for the customer’s review, approval signature, and record.

Austin Green Team will provide professional maintenance services for your mechanical systems.

HVAC Inspections

Calibration, Testing & Inspection:

  1. Motor Vibration
  2. Machine Mountings
  3. Motor Winding Resistance
  4. Refrigerant Level, Fan RPM
  5. Refrigerant Oil Condition, Water Condition
  6. Ignition, Combustion & Draft
  7. Safety Controls
  8. Water Chemical Feed
  9. Crankcase Heaters
  10. Atmospheric controls
  11. Drive Couplings
  12. Belt Drives (alignment and tension)
  13. Compressor Cylinder Un-Loaders
  14. Air Fins


  1. Coil Surfaces
  2. Fan Blades
  3. Electrical Contacts
  4. Burner Orifices, Passages
  5. Igniters
  6. Cooling Tower Baffles, Basin, Sump, & Float
  7. Condenser & Boiler Tubes


For corrosion control on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

Discounted Parts & Labor:

Should a service call be required outside of the scheduled preventative maintenance appointment, the service call fee is discounted 50% and all repairs are discounted 10%.

Discounted Complete System Replacement:

If a system cannot be repaired, or the customer wishes to have the system replaced, the cost of replacing the system will be discounted 10%. We shall not be responsible for system design or its performance in maintaining design conditions except through failure of equipment covered herein. It is understood that this proposal sets forth our entire agreement.