Austin Green Team offers a wide range of construction services. We are a true turnkey operation, decease and our aim is to make it easy for you to bring your house up to health and Energy Star efficiency compliance. Austin Green Team is a one-stop shop, mind taking care of all permits and construction. You can feel confident that we will get the job done right and on time. All work is performance based and quality assured by our company.

Retrofit Services We Provide

Air Sealing

A blow door / neutral smoke test will reveal areas for sealing, controlling home infiltration to a balance and energy savings

Duct Sealing

Duct Leakage causes severe Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems, and increase energy use. The average duct system leaks 30% of conditioned air.


Blow-in insulation to bring attics to and effective R-38. Typical older-home attics are R-10. Fix gaps in existing insulation.

Radiant Barrier

Are installed in homes—most commonly in attics—to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss

Crawlspace sealing

Seal crawlspace to prevent moisture and air infiltration.

AC Improvement

Upgrading condensing units to high efficiency SEER 14 or greater units.

Lighting Efficiency Retrofit

Reduce energy consumption through the use of high efficiency lighting options.

Whole House Air Filtration

Adding whole house HEPA air filtration systems will filter particles down to 1 um.

Water Filtration

Reverse-osmosis units for areas with poor water quality, sediment filter & activated carbon filters for areas with better water.

Appliance Replacement

Chief candidates: Replacing top-loading washers to horizontal axis machines saves cold water, hot water, motor work and drying gas. Older inefficient refrigeration, dish washers, etc.

Solar Attic Fan

For homes with attics and cooling loads.

Day Lighting

Installing skylights and solar light tubes to reduce lighting load.


Replace older low efficiency windows with Low-E efficient glazing.

Electric-to-Gas Appliance Conversion

Washers & Electric water heaters and possible hot tubs are the primary targets.

Pipe insulation

Insulate hot water pipe and heater to improve efficiency.

Flash Hot Water

Tank less water heaters used 40% less energy, have 30+ year lives and give endless hot water.

Whole house Fan

Install Air evacuation fan to remove excess heated air.

Mold Identification

Identify mold and conducive conditions. Manage moisture and humidity which is the cause of mold.

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