There are lots of incentives offered by the Federal, States and local governments. To get the necessary improvements to have the highest efficiency your house can possible have.

Energy Efficiency Rebates

  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (trademark) – up to $1400 for air conditioning, attic insulation, solar screens, caulking and weather-stripping.
  • Air Conditioner Rebate – replace air conditioner, window unit, heat pump or water heater.
  • Solar Rebate Program – purchase and install solar electric power systems.
  • 2009 Guide to Home Efficiency Incentives PDF (Includes Rebate Amounts & Retrofits Costs)
  • Austin Energy’s Energy Rebate Information Page
  • For more information visit or call (512) 974-STAR

Energy Efficiency Loans

  • Installation of a new energy-efficient air-conditioner or heat pump (14 SEER or greater)
  • Additional attic insulation
  • Repair leaking AC ducts
  • Caulking around plumbing under sinks
  • Weather-stripping around doors
  • Installation of solar shading or awnings
  • Installation of attic radiant barrier reflective material
  • For more information visit or call (512) 974-STAR